Mobilization equals Domination

 By Daniel Miller

Social media has transformed the way we live in more ways than one.  


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In today’s modern age of technology everyone is trying to come up with the next great trend that will alter the way we live. The NFL is no exception to that as they have recently released a new mobile app that will allow fans all across the world to watch football games with a smartphone in hand.

For many people, fall goes hand in hand with football as time is spent with family and friends enjoying games, appetizers, and a cold beverage or two.  But what if you can’t always watch your favorite games from home?  


Since its creation, the NFL has always done an outstanding job in marketing and promoting the sport, and with the creation of this app, the NFL has taken another step forward in further enhancing the game experience for all its football fans including myself.

With that being said, Verizon Wireless is the first major phone carrier having this app as they have signed on as the NFL’s exclusive mobile media partner and official wireless sponsor. Now the app is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.

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What I like about this is no matter what you have going on, or where you have to be, this app provides fans of America’s number one sport unprecedented access to information about everyone’s favorite teams, players and games. The app brings forth the most recent news and information, including in-depth profiles of current players and draft prospects, team updates, mock drafts, expert analysis, and more. It also allows users to watch NFL Network, including live coverage of the NFL draft. 

Furthermore, the app is especially great for all the Fantasy Football owners out there.   

There are other features to this app as users can buy merchandise from the NFL Shop and tickets from the NFL Ticket Exchanger directly within the app.  The NFL is also latching onto new second-screen experiences via its new app with two features called Thursday Night Football Xtra and A Football Life Xtra that complement the company’s programming. Additionally, a section devoted to Fantasy football will let consumers with an account log-in to manage their team.

Fans all across the country look forward to seeing their favorite NFL team or teams play each week and what started out as a league of just two teams has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry with 32 teams and millions of fans. Just think for a second of where the NFL was just a few years ago to where it is now.  It’s simply amazing.

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