Just Watch and Not Learn

By Daniel Miller

As each day goes by, more and more technology is being created which means a new way of life is being created.  For instance, the Smartphone is a tremendous technology that has transformed our world in a variety of different ways. Everything today is becoming digitalized and mobilized which gives people instant access to everything. 

Smartphones have revolutionized the motions of communication between people and has given people instant access to information in the palm of our hands. To think that one small device holds someone’s entire world says a lot about the importance of a Smartphone. It is something that the average person does not leave his or her home without.

 With that being said, Samsung has advanced things further and just released its new Galaxy Gear watch.



Photo: Forbes

The Galaxy Gear is a full-color Android-based device about the size of an old calculator watch. It runs its own applications and was shown running apps developed by both Samsung and third-party partners. It can take photographs through a camera mounted on the wristband, facing away from the wearer, and has a pedometer that can track the wearer’s activity. 

I just think this is a step too far. I always have been weary of advanced technology because I believe Smartphones and now smart watches provides people a “lazier” way out.  With all these new advances being created, it is in a way “babysitting” and “handicapping” people from truly learning.

The process of learning something is abandoned. For example, if a person does not know how to spell out a word, instead of simply trying to sound the word out or practice writing it, you can now use the voice to text feature on the smartphone, simply say the word you want spelled, and it will spell out the word for you. No knowledge is required.

As for the Galaxy Gear, I am not blaming Samsung for this epidemic as they were not the first to release a smart watch. That would not be right. Instead I am accepting the fact that Samsung is just doing what the appropriate thing to do is in this millennium and that is to stay ahead of the game and do whatever is necessary in a world that keeps on advancing.

Samsung’s proposition with the Galaxy Gear, though, is an interesting one. This isn’t a company looking to satisfy niche markets rather this is an electronics giant taking a kitchen sink approach until something sticks and explodes in popularity.

The Galaxy Gear is just like any smartphone.  For $299 you can have a watch work like a phone. Sort of


Photo Courtesy: Forbes

Pranav Mistry, Head of Samsung Research America’s Think Tank team declared “Welcome to the future,”.  At 1.44 by 2.2 by .44 inches, weighing 2.6 ounces (1.6 inch diagonal screen), it’s not the most desirable watch on the planet, but it is about as stylish as you can get for a watch with a glass and metal case and a plastic band.

I have always regarded style as a key component in choosing between products. For example, if two smartphone companies both create a smart watch having all the same functions, style can be the deciding tie breaker.  The band comes in six colors: Jet Black, Mocha Gray, Wild Orange, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold and Lime Green giving people variety.   

I don’t like the smart watch for a few different reasons. First, the screen size is significantly smaller than a smartphone meaning reading emails and content on the internet is more difficult. Second, the flexibility isn’t the same. You can take your phone in and out of your pocket, get comfortable and use it, where as a watch will only be useful to use when only on your wrist. 

Thirdly, comfort. I am not an expert on watches, but I do know that comfort is a must. How do you know that this smart watch will always provide that; only you would know.

 The Gear is meant to be paired with other Samsung Galaxy devices, whether phones, Notes, or tablets.

Mini dialer or voice commands let you make calls from Galaxy Gear

Photo: Forbes

A great way to think about it is that it is the equivalent of a Bluetooth headset, but for people who communicate largely through texting and images. The Gear delivers notifications from text messages to news alerts. The Gear can even dial phone numbers and place calls, but only when paired with a phone or tablet hooked up to a wireless phone network.

I couldn’t help but wonder will buying a smart watch replace buying a smart phone all together? I think the answer is a big no. The main reason is people have images in their brains of what things are to them. People know a watches main purpose is to tell time, while a phones main purpose is to make calls.

Those things will never change just as people will buy ipads when many already have an iphone. Sure, don’t get me wrong some of the features this smart watch can do can be viewed essential to people, while I continue to see it as a luxury.










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